Pacific Post Partum Support


Pacific Post Partum Support Society supports women and men who are struggling during pregnancy or after the birth or adoption of a child.

Some of these difficult adjustments may include:

  • crying for no apparent reason
  • numbness or feelings of helplessness
  • frightening or intrusive thoughts
  • depression ranging from sadness to suicidal thoughts
  • anxiety or panic attacks
  • anger and aggression
  • feelings of resentment toward the baby

The Pacific Post Partum Support Society is based in the Lower Mainland but supports parents throughout British Columbia by offering:

1.Telephone support: experienced postpartum counsellors offer telephone support, information and referrals five days a week. The toll free number is: 855-255-7999.

2. Information in print: information packages are available to individuals and professionals at no cost. There is also a Self-Help Guide published by the Society that is available for purchase.

Please note: women may seek support at any time from pregnancy until their child is 3 years old.