Campbell Fiver Family Network

Health & Development

Friday Play

A group for mothers and their children 0 - 6 years old.  This group offers a light snack, access to support and educational resources, an opportunity to network with other parents and interact in new and exciting ways with your children.more

Health Link BC Nurses Line

Call 8-1-1 from anywhere in British Columbia to speak with a nurse any time of the day or night. On weekdays, you can speak to a dietitian about nutrition and healthy eating. At night there are pharmacists available to answer medication questions.more

Infant Development Program

The Infant Development Program serves any child from birth to three years of age who: Is delayed in his/her development (i.e. sitting, walking, talking). May be at risk for delay in their development. Has an identified special need. more

Monday Family Place

We'll put the coffee on, we'll bring the snacks, songs, stories, activities, and more. We invite families to join us with their children to create a welcoming place where children and parents can enjoy each other and learn together. ...more

Occupational Therapy Program

This program provides service to children birth to kindergarten eligibility to participate as independently as possible in everyday activities. These activities include: self-care such as feeding, dressing, grooming, toileting as well as kindergarten readiness skills and fine motor skills....more

Physical Therapy Program

The Physical Therapy Program provides services to children (birth to school entry) who have difficulty with movement skills, such as delayed motor milestones, a diagnosis that impacts on the development of gross motor skills, or risk for developmental delays due to environmental or genetic factors.more

Pregnancy Outreach Program - Postnatal

This program offers moms with new babies an opportunity to get out and interact with others in the same situation in a weekly group session. This group offers a snack and valuable information about babies and the postpartum period. This group is held on the same day as the prenatal group so that...more

Pregnancy Outreach Program - Prenatal

This program is for pregnant moms. At the weekly sessions there is a snack, information about pregnancy childbirth, and babies, and a chance to meet with other moms. Provide participants with vitamins and supplements. There is a nurse on staff to answer questions. The Outreach Worker can help...more

Pregnant in Campbell River & District Website

This is a comprehensive, unbiased website of services and programs related to all aspects of pregnancy and delivery in the Campbell River area.  Hosted by the Campbell River and District Division of Family Practice.more

Speech - Language Program

This program provides services to children with communication and / or feeding needs, from birth to school entry. We can support your child with talking, understanding language, playing, interacting with others, and eating. Services include: assessment (how your child is doing), consultation ...more