Supported Child Development


Administered by Forest Circle Society for Families, the Campbell River Young Parents’ Program (CRYPP) support young parents as they work towards high school graduation. The four program components are education, child care, health and support, and are based at Cari’s Infant and Toddler Centre.

Many student parents in the CRYPP attend Carihi Senior Secondary School, 350 Dogwood Street, but parents may participate in another recognized education or training program.

Student parents planning to attend the Fall (September - January) or Spring (February - June) school terms must apply by June 15th or December 15th respectively to ensure their children receive priority admission to the Centre.  Student parents may apply at any other time but may need to wait up to a month for a space to become available.

Child care fees for children of qualifying secondary school student parents are paid in full by the Affordable Child Care Benefit Program


Gwen Bennett or Jaime Anderson


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301 Dogwood Street
Campbell River, BC