Campbell River Area Family Network

Connecting parents, caregivers and service providers in the Campbell River area with programs, services and resources designed to help children and families live healthy lives.

Children's Voices Matter - Children's Conference

On behalf of the Campbell River Family Network, the Campbell River Child Care Society received $1,600 from the Campbell River Foundation.  The funds will be used for a review of the Campbell River Children’s Charter, Children's Voices Matter, which directs the future of the community by looking at... more

Children's Health Hub Gold River

Thanks to funders, Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island and School District 84, a dream became a reality.  The families of Gold River and Surrounding areas now have a Children's Health Hub they can receive support from. Carrie Tarasoff is the Hub Coordinator who assists families in... more

Grand Opening of Children's Hub

The Children's Health Hub is opening it's door next week with it's Grand Opening on Wednesday at 1:00 p.m. This initiative is possible from funding and support from the Children's Health Foundation of Vancouver Island and School District 84. more

Why are books important for babies?

Because research on infant brain development tells us that a child's experience in the first three years of life directly impacts later development and learning.  The baby's genetic heritage is important but equally important are the baby's surroundings, care, stimulation, and teaching.   At birth, a baby's brain is one-quarter the size of an adult brain.  By age three, it has grown to 80% of an adult brain; by age five, it has reached 90% of total development. Children who receive little... more