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Is your business child and family friendly?

Coastal Eyecare was thrilled to receive the 2010 Family Friendly Business of the Year for 2010. Since that time we have been asked questions such as, “How did you create a Family Friendly business” and “What can I do to make sure my business is Family Friendly?” I realized that many businesses are unclear as to what makes a business Family Friendly. After being asked these questions many times, I thought it made sense to make it clear, because this is so critical to our community and its future. In the words of Mr. Charlie Coffey, “Whether you are a big business or small, children are everybody’s business”.

Employee Policies and Programs


Customers and Clients

Community Involvement

· flex time
· job sharing
· paid time off
· banked time
• break time for employees to manage family obligations
· easy access for strollers
including ramps,
automatic doors and
door holders
· adequate and safe parking
· parking spots designated
for customers with small
• consider the needs of local families in your business plan and marketing efforts
Support local children’s programs
· Do you or your staff volunteer with local children’s programs - on a board of directors or during fundraising
• Financial and in-kind donations to local programs
· be aware and support government polices that support parents of young children
• learn about national, provincial and municipal policies re: child care, employment standards and parental benefits.
Physical Amenities
· quiet space for children to rest
· breastfeeding friendly
· washroom suitable and
available for small
• change tables for infants
Customer Service
• encourage staff to acknowledge children in a welcoming, friendly manner
• hiring practices and policies that reflect values
• do your customers report
feeling respected and welcomed in your business?
• provide opportunities for
customer feedback
• do your employees understand and use benefits such as parental sick leave, additional
maternity leave and
progressive returns after
maternity leave?
Play Space
• safe, designated play area for small children
• stocked with clean, safe
and cared for materials
• booster seats, high
chairs, small play


Top 10 reasons to have a Family Friendly business…

1. Get the best from your employees with a flexible workplace that enables employees to take care of their family AND get their work done.
2. Attract and retain good employees in times of skill shortage. Employees value employers who support their needs as parents.
3. Avoid the cost to business in lost time due to work absences.
4. Customers with children will feel more comfortable in family friendly environments.
5. Happy customers mean customer loyalty.
6. Customers loyalty means more sales.
7. Giving children a healthy start contributes to a future productive workforce as baby boomers retire over the next 20 years.
8. More children better prepared to succeed in life will mean thriving, prosperous communities.
9. Positive early experiences help to prevent future (expensive) problems in the community such as crime, health care, and remedial education.
10. You could win a Child & Family Friendly Business Excellence Award.

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It takes a community to raise a child.
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