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Turning off Electronics

Monday February 11 is a day for family.  Our children, our families are worth spending time with.  Pull out board games, go for a walk, sit and talk, turn on some music and dance around the living room.  The list is endless and doesn’t need to cost a cent.  So, let’s “unplug” from our electronic devices, and re-connect with our children. We know the profound effect that spending time with family has on a child’s growth and future success.

Turn off the media. My husband told me a statistic that he had read regarding people and their smart phones - that most people are never more than three feet from their phones most of the time. Imagine that - three feet. I know how distracting it can be. You hear the ding of an alert and you just want to check the one thing and then it becomes that you have to send an email back and then more and more. Turn off your media for a bit. And set media parameters. Our family loves media, but I know that we need boundaries. Every once in a while have a media free night - play games, talk, sit in the living room and just be together. It's balance - and they just want your attention - bless them with it. Undivided. “  As stated in Finding Joy.

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