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Supporting Success From The Start

Every parent has hopes and dreams for their children. From the time they are born we see our children as full of potential, perfect little beings just waiting for their moments to shine. Whether a parent has distinct visions of what success looks like, or a vague sense of possibilities- one thing is for sure, success requires reaching one’s full potential. Enriched environments and experiences in early childhood provide conditions for greater brain development, which undoubtedly helps a reach their full potential. Research out of UC Berkley by Marian Diamond in the 1960’s, uncovered secrets of neurological development- the cortex or “gray matter” where the brains data processing takes place, grows larger, thicker and more developed when the subject is raised in an enriched environment and engaged in varied and social play. Brown, Stuart (2009).
If it is agreed that reaching one’s full potential equates to success, than much to a parents relief, providing what’s best for children is very achievable. Whether it’s a regular opportunity for a lively game of peek-a-boo with a 8 month old, or a well loved wooden block set with a healthy dosage of four year old imagination, or a well organized game of kick ball, when children engage in free, brain building play, they are challenged, interested, realizing their strengths, and building confidence, among other things. While we may not have control over what our kid’s are successful at, we can provide them lots of opportunities to develop their own success.

Rhonda Teramura is a mom of three boys, an ECE, and currently does work in Supported Child Development as well as an Independent ECD Contractor.

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