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Read, speak, sing to your baby: How parents can promote literacy from birth

Campbell River Literacy Now Supports Play!

The theme for Family Literacy Day this year was PLAY!  Literacy in young children should be an extension of their play.  Families who play together are giving their children the best start in life.  Many families joined us downtown to play a variety of games that included reading, dancing, singing, juggling, drawing, and creating.

Campbell River Literacy Now sponsors Books for Babies in our community.  This bag of materials that is delivered by our Public Health Nurses to all new babies contains materials that encourage early play.  There is a book designed for early reading, a DVD that highlights learning through playful activities, and a CD that encourages singing and dancing.   There are also many useful pieces of information that help parents find places in the community where children can attend activities that encourage learning through play.

If you miss the visit from Public Health please call them and ask for your Books for Babies bag.

We encourage all families to participate in the wide variety of learning opportunities for young children that are available in our community.  Playing and learning together builds the foundation for lifelong learning.

Anne Boyd

Literacy Now Coordinator

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