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A New Service for BC Families Comes to Campbell River

Launched just recently in October 2011, Strongest Families BC is a new service for children with mild to moderate behaviour problems (ages 3-12). Strongest Families is delivered to parents and/or caregivers via telephone in the comfort and privacy of their own homes at times that are best for the family, and at no cost. Trained coaches give weekly guidance and telephone support to families as they work their way through the program. Coaches and parents work together to solve problems as parents apply new skills in their daily lives. Strongest Families staff work day, evening and weekend hours to accommodate families.
What types of childhood problems does the program address? Behaviour and attention deficit difficulties.
What others say:
Parents are overwhelmingly satisfied with the program:
“I learned so many techniques of dealing with problems and it gave me a new outlook on being a parent.”
“I liked the convenience. I could review the material on my own time and do it from my home, and my child did not have to go to a mental health centre.”
“I enjoyed the whole thing, recognizing the positive, having a coach ready anytime for questions, scheduled appointments and knowing how my child is progressing

How do we access the program? Speak to your family doctor to request the necessary referral.
Should I wait? Maybe my child will just grow out of it? Early intervention offers the best time to catch concerns before they escalate or become ingrained. Act now to provide the best possible care for your child.
Strongest Families BC is offered through the Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division. Strongest Families was developed by Dr. Patrick McGrath at IWK Centre, Nova Scotia.
Toll-Free: 1-855-297-4777

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