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Do you know a child who is two years old and only using a few words? Do you know a child who is three years old and very difficult to understand?  If so, you might know a child with speech and/or language difficulties. Now is the time to get more information, since May is Speech and Hearing Month.

As adults, we often take the precious gift of communication for granted.  An estimated 4% of Canadian preschoolers have significant speech and/or language difficulties. Research shows that early detection of speech, language and hearing difficulties can make an important difference in a child’s life. If you have any questions or concerns about a preschooler’s speech and language abilities, don’t wait. Contact the Speech and Language Program at Sunrise Resources for Early Childhood Development.  

Does your child:
-  rarely attempt to speak or imitate others?
-  seem uninterested in playing with other children?
-  play with toys in an unusual way?
-  have difficulty following directions?
-  seem to answer questions in an odd way?
-  repeat sounds and/or parts of words?
-  have a harsh, nasal or wet/gurgly sounding voice?
-  choke and gag a lot when eating or drinking?
-  have trouble being understood –especially by those outside the family?

-  talk as if he/she were younger than he/she really is? 

 May Month has been celebrated across North America since 1927 as an annual event that promotes and celebrates members of the Canadian Association of Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists ( and the impact that they make on the health of our country.  Early identification and treatment is important.

Anyone can call the Speech and Language Program at Sunrise Resources for Early Childhood Development (250) 286-0955 to make a referral for a child or to get more information. This program provides assessment, therapy, consultation, and public education services free of charge to children aged birth to school entry. Early referral is recommended due to a waitlist for services. Sunrise Resources for Early Childhood Development is located at
#110-1180 Ironwood Street
in Campbell River.

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