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Keep it Simple

From the time of conception, new parents have entered an arena of product and information bombardment somewhat resembling a game of third grade dodge ball. Product names, programs, authors, research and gimmicks are hurled at every turn, in effort to win over parents who are keen to do everything best for their child. It can be a confusing time where, in all of the excitement, instincts can be momentarily lost. One mantra I always fell back on to get me on track as I stumbled through my early development as a parent, and continue to draw from now is, “ keep it simple”. We often make things more complicated than they have to be without realizing it. Not only does simplifying make raising children easier to manage, but often we will notice financial and healthful benefits from parenting in this manner where we can. One example is, the well-established evidence that breast-feeding is the superior nutrition for infants, but what might be surprising is the specific gravity it bears on the future health of children, especially those with genetics for obesity, according to the research of Stephen Lye from the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute. Nursing also happens to be a cheap and convenient way to feed your child. As it happens trusting basic instincts and following a path of least resistance in the case of infant nutrition also turns out to be full of short and long-term benefits. This is true in many areas of parenting, all it takes is clearing out the clutter of external messages, and tuning into to your instincts as a parent- the research to support you is likely already done and is out there to be found. Hmmm- outdoor free play vs. expensive activities and toys, garden grown food vs. packaged produce, and board games vs. video games - there’s a debate at every turn.
Rhonda Teramura is a mom of three boys, an ECE and is working as a Early Childhood Development Contractor.
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