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A Healthy Family Is a Happy Family

Today's healthy habits can benefit you and your children for years to come.  Kids who have regular family meals are also:

• more likely to make healthy eating choices like fruits, vegetables, and grains

• less likely to snack on unhealthy foods

• less likely to become substance abusers

So how do you get them all together (no matter what their ages), at the same time without causing a disaster? Make it fun!   Here's how.

Family meals - happen anytime when at least one child and one adult sit together to eat and connect.

 Family style meals - happen anytime a group of people (may include children) sit together to eat and connect.

Strategies to Help with Sitting Together

Tips for increasing family meals:

          Try breakfast instead of dinner.

       Try sandwiches instead of something hot.

       Involve all family members in food preparation.

       Turn off the ringer and turn on the answering machine.

       Turn off the TV It is NOT a family member!

More to come!
Adapted from Better Together
Campbell Fiver Family Network