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Daily reunions for the working parent

This article was seen in Parents As Teachers A Newsletter for Parents of Preschoolers by Columbia Public Schools Parents As Teachers.  In today’s society working parents are so busy with work and running their children from one activity to the next.  This article was a great reminder!

Family reunions are important. They matter. Not just the once-a-year get-togethers with the cousins, but the regular, end-of-the-day reunions with your child. How do you reconnect after a day apart? What do you do, for example, on the way home? How do you put yourself back in touch with your child?
Here are some ideas from other parents:
- “We both have a small snack in the car--usually fruit or pretzels.”

- “I make it a point to not answer the cell phone or make calls in that first half hour or so.. I want my attention on my child.”

- “We usually sing. Not well, but loudly!”

- “My motto is ‘stop, look, and listen.’ Before we even get in the car, I stop, slow down, look right in his eyes, and try to really listen to what he’s telling me.”

- “I always check the bulletin board outside the classroom door to see what they did that day. It gives me something specific to talk about.”

- “I mention something I did at work that day, maybe what I had for lunch. Once I told her about a bird that flew in the store where I work. After a while she usually tells me about her day. But if she just feels like being quiet, I’m quiet along with her.”

- “I think hugs and pats and any physical affection make a big difference in reconnecting.”

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