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All–Weather Family Place

All – Weather Family Place is taking it outside! We expect to get windblown and wet from time to time, but we will understand more about how the natural world looks and feels when we are right there experiencing it. We will understand something new about ourselves in experiencing an environment without walls, ceilings, or a controlled temperature. We’re going to look around for evidence of what is out there and what it’s doing. Dick Murphy Park has so much to offer us. There is the estuary, the geese, the paths, and the slugs off to one side. On the other side of Tyee Spit is the ocean, the beach, and the crabs.

Join Joyce McMann on Wednesday mornings from 9:30 – 10:45 am until the end of November.

Research, and probably our own experience, is telling us that our children are living more “hot-house tomato” lives than ever before. Concerns about supervision, health, and easy access, along with a plethora of entertaining activities inside our homes and around the community, are keeping us indoors. Evidence is mounting that the further our lives slip away from the natural world, the greater the risks become to our personal health and well-being.

Campbell Fiver Family Network